Installing Sun Java Wireless Toolkit in Windows 7

In this tutorial, we will look at installing Sun Java Wireless Toolkit on Windows-7.

Sun Java wireless toolkit is needed for running Java for mobile or J2ME applications.

You need to have Java installed and need to download Sun Java wireless toolkit, to download Sun Java wireless toolkit, open the browser and then search for Java San Java wireless toolkit you will find a link to download.

Let’s install using the setup file, to install let’s double click, then we need to click Next to accept the agreement, searching for Java or JSDK and here it’s the location for Java SDK let’s click Next and this is the default directly on which it installs, usually, it’s the C Drive, click Next and then click Next uncheck the update you can update it later, click Next, and wait till the setup completes now you’re done, click finish and you can find a shortcut created on the desktop.

The video below demonstrates the installation of Sun Java Wireless Toolkit in Windows 7.

Installing Sun Java Wireless Tool Kit on Windows 7

Let’s try to verify the installation by double-clicking the wireless toolkit shortcut on the desktop and here you will find the new project, open project, let’s try to open project, it displays some of the samples or demos which are already installed by default, let’s select the first one open the project, let us try to build the project build is successful, let’s try to run the project, you can find a mobile pops up, you can launch this application and then you just try to close.

By running the default application, we verified that Sun Java wireless toolkit installed successfully.