Installing JPCap and WinPCap in Windows 7

In this tutorial, we will look at how to install JPcap and WinPcap on Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System.

The JPCap or WinPcap software are needed for Java programs to capture and access real-time packets from the network interface.

The windows-7 operating system does not allow JPCap or WinPcap to directly access the network hardware for internal security reasons,  for this reason, you need to use Windows Virtual PC, which works only on Windows-7 Professional or you need to install a VMware and inside that, you need to have Windows XP Professional.

You can install, Windows virtual PC from the windows website, you can also download JPCap and WinPcap by searching in google. I have already downloaded WinPcap as well as JPCap software’s, now you can install WinPCap by double-clicking on the setup file and proceed by clicking next wait till WinPcap completes its installation, then click finish.

The video below demonstrates how to install JPCap and WinPCap on Windows 7.

Installing JPCap and WinPCap on Windows 7

To install JPCap, double click on the setup file, select the language and click OK, click Next, agree with the terms, and wait till it installs click finish.

To check the installation go to the control panel, add and remove programs, then you can find WinPcap is installed, as well as JPCap is installed.