B.E Osmania University Web Programming Course CBCS Videos Unit-3

This blog contains videos that are specially designed and created for third-year students of B.E Osmania University CBCS Web Programming and Services course. These videos will help students to complete their lab assignments and for better understanding of Web Programming subject.



1. How Ajax Works?

Video: How Ajax Works?

2. Ajax Introduction

Video: Ajax Introduction

3. Pre Ajax Communication Techniques

Video: Pre Ajax Communication Techniques

4. Ajax XMLHttpRequest Object

Video: Ajax XMLHttpRequest Object



1. Python Introduction

Video: Python Introduction

2. Python Number Type

Video: Python Number Type

3. Python Strings

Video: Python Strings-I
Video: Python Strings-II

4. Python Lists

Video: Python Lists

5. Python Tuples

Video: Python Tuples

6. Python Sets

Video: Python Sets

7. Python Dictionaries

Video: Python Dictionaries

8. Python Input and Output

Video: Python Input and Output

9. Python Conditional Statements

Video: Python Conditional Statements

10. Python Loops and Iterations

Video: Python Loops and Iterations

11. Python Functions

Video: Python Functions

12. Python File Operations

Video: Python File Operations

13. Python Dynamic Webpages

Video: Python Dynamic Webpages