About Us

Our Vision lets you know how we can help you become a better student. Softlect’s Mission is for us to help you to reach your goals to be the best professional that you can be.

Our vision is that we will become a great community for computer science and technology educators who are: Dedicated to providing the best possible learning opportunities for their students, Anxious to growing professionally by learning about the most recent trends and developments in technology, Eager to implement effective teaching strategies and share these best practices with their peers.

To accomplish the goals of our vision statement Softlect: Offers teaching resources, student projects, and aptitude and technical exam activities to computer science and information technology students. Promotes the exchange of ideas and resources, discussion of issues, and collaboration with professional peers. Strives to keep students informed of new technologies as they impact their profession. Encourages students to embrace new technologies, features, products and initiatives. Softlect strives to provide you with an enjoyable, and rich educational training experience with enhanced comfort and effectiveness in using information technology.

Softlect promotes interactive learning to help people achieve maximum learning potential. People must recall information that was previously presented to them, to think for themselves, and to gain an overall appreciation for how an application works. The quality and effectiveness of any training program lies with the material and presentation. In addition to training, Softlect’s professionals consult with customers, providing solutions to difficult problems. The Vision and Mission makes Softlect Technologies the perfect place for knowledge.